The culmination of SF tactics SLG is here! R-TYPE TACTICS I / II Cosmos Steam Store Page will be released-2023 Release will be released

Grander has released the Steam store page of the authentic science fiction tactics simulation R-Type Tactics I ・ II Cosmos (Earl Type Tactics 1.2 Cosmos) .

This work is the latest work of the simulation of the fleet battle in the world view of the science fiction shooting R-Type . Two updates to the latest expression of R-Type Tactics released on PSP in 2007 and R-Type Tactics II-Operation Bitter Chocolate- released in 2009. It is a work that adds additional missions that will be the story of the story after the story.

The player becomes a fleet commander, leads his fleet, and challenges the battle that has survived humanity. It is said that the story will progress in the hero’s voyage journal.

Develop weapons, search enemies in the space fortress, which became an unknown living body cave, and prepare the arrangement and formation of their own units, and promote the battle with the enemy army. Increase. It is also said that it is necessary to lean in the blind spot of the enemy army, use electronic warfare, and consider the nature of the space and the nature of the space.

R-Type Tactics I/II Cosmos will be released in the summer of 2023 for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch.

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