Easter eggs Gotham Knights: The best references to comics

Gotham Knights is a recently developed Gotham City, which includes a number of collection, puzzles, time tests, secret hiding places and much more.

As long as you look for them all during the passage, you also have the opportunity to catch several Easter eggs lying in sight.

The next leadership will tell you about some of the best Easter Easters that you can find in Gotham Knights.

Apron of Wonder Woman

If you go to the kitchen on the bell tower, you will find an apron in the corner next to the water dispenser with a symbol of the miraculous woman.

. Invalid chair of Barbara Gordon

On the top floor of the bell tower there is a wheelchair, which probably belongs to Barbara Gordon. In the comics she was paralyzed by the Joker, after which she became oracle.

Booster Gold flakes

Boxes with flakes on the refrigerator on the bell tower-a direct reference to Booster Gold. The object on the box is the same device that it uses. In addition, the name also issues this: Boosterriific !!!

Photo of Super Boy

To the left of the Batcompeuter on the bell tower there is a photo of Robin with a Super Bow.

Photo of Flying Grayson

Go to the workbench at the bell tower to find a photo of flying Grasses. Parents of Dick Grayson (Robin) were killed by the mafia, after which he was adopted by Bruce Wayne.


Nearby there is another photo that depicts the entire circus family. Also, on the wall at the upper level of the bell tower there is a poster of flying Grasses.

Arcade Automatic Hunter Spies

At the top level of the bell tower there is a slot machine with Spy Hunter, an arcade game released by Midway Games in 1983. This slot machine completes the game at Gotham Knights.

Black Canary Poster

You can also see a black canary poster at the top level of the bell tower. Super heroine is often found in comics about Flash and, as you know, has a wonderful singing voice.

Air ROK killer

At some point, you are making a full link to the KROC killer in Gotham Knights. Although he is not in the game, he left his business card on the wall. The inscription on the scratches says: Greetings to the killer of CROC.

The Earth is also full of human bones, which suggests that he arranged a feast before setting on the road.

Transformation of a man-flying mouse

When you search the laboratory of Dr. Kirk Angstrom in Gotham Knights, catch the poster on the wall, which shows the bathing cycle. This is a reference to the transformation of Angstrom into a man-fiber mouse.

doll of a crochet with a scar

A wooden mannequin, known as a face with a scar, whom the roe boss considers his boss of the Irish mafia, can be found in the GCPD evidence cabinet.

Mechanical Ti-Rex

You can easily notice a mechanical tyrannosaurus from the thematic park of Murray Hart Dinosaur Island during Battle of Batman with Ra’s Al GUL in Batpeschera.

Email Superman

Clark Kent (Superman) sent a message to Dick Grayson about Batman’s death. You can find it in your emails.

Collectible Penguin items

Penguin has several interesting items exhibited in his Iceberg living room. One of these items is a boomerang, which is supposed to be a reference to Captain Boomerang a larger villain who repeatedly appeared in the comics about Flash and Batman.

In addition, you can also notice a hat belonging to King of the watch Another villain from Batman’s universe.

Double Blade Tats

Searching Kane’s personal elevator, you can find double blades Tats Ramiro . She is also known as Katina which appeared in the comics League of Justice, Bird Birds and Suicide Squad and many others.

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