THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL Xboxdl version is not available -Purchase routes that are closed one after another

THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL has been reported that it is impossible to sell through HERO rating, but it is impossible to purchase from the Domestic Xbox store.

Currently, even if you access the page of this work in the Xbox store, it is displayed as currently not available and it is impossible to purchase. At the time of the report on October 28, it was possible to purchase, so one way of purchasing was cut off after the Steam and Epic Games stores. In addition, on the Xbox store, it was possible to make a reservation through the ARC rating divided into 18+ instead of HERO rating.


The domestic Nintendo E Shop and PlayStation Store do not seem to sell those with an Arc category of 18+, but the Xbox store is not the case. Therefore, it is considered to be the judgment of Grafton, a publisher.

This work is approaching on December 2, but as it is now, the means of purchasing from Japan is very limited, and GRAFTON will be waiting for a follow-up report. In addition, the Steam store page of DEAD SPACE, which is a similar work, has a region locked, and the publisher EA has answered that the release itself in Japan is still undecided, and the future outlook is uncertain. Is.

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