The Japanese -style 3D action ONI -Sky and Wind Learn will be released on March 9th. A little demon who survives in Onigashima challenges Momotaro

Clouded Leptin Entertainment announced on November 10 that it will release ninth Sky and Wind Rearing on March 9, 2023. It was announced that it will be released for Nintendo Switch in addition to PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/PC (Steam). The price is 4840 yen for the package version and 3850 yen for the download version (both including tax).

Risky and Wind Learn is a Japanese-style 3D action game. The stage of this work is Ontodia, where the scattered demons are sleeping. The protagonist is Loki, a Loki, who survived alone in Onigashima. Sort evokes the soul of Tsuwamono, who sleeps on the demon island, and challenges the trial. In this work, we aim to defeat Monetary, who is a person and a demon.

Sort, along with his partner’s spirit, Amaru, travels around the sorrowful demon island. As a gameplay, Sort fights with monsters who are larger than themselves, such as lion dance and black demons on Ontodia. While attacking by rolling, he hits with a club in his hand and repels the enemy. The enemy of the enemy can be revived just by damaging the body. Therefore, in order to defeat the enemy, it is necessary to destroy the heart that Amaru has pulled out. It seems that the one heart-like action, which operates the two characters at the same time, will be unique.

KEN EI DESIGN, who is working on this work, is a domestic studio by Ken hide Hakama. His achievements have been TERRA BATTLE and Fantasia art in Mist Walker. In addition, he passed the creator audition PlayStation C.A.M.P! And has been active as a UI designer. Lena Design also distributes the rhythm game B & D in 2019 for iOS.

It is said that the development of this work, Risky and Wind Song, is being developed with the cooperation of Squash Games. The producer is Masai Yamamoto, an executive officer of Squash Games. He is a person who has produced multiple works in Sony Interactive Entertainment. The core staff is five, and the studio and staff are working on the development of small-scale development. It is expensive that the Japanese, Monetary, sublimating the familiar old-fashioned trap into the universal entertainment.

Risky and Wind Learn will be released on March 9, 2023, for Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/PC (Steam).

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