Inadvertent Dirty Words ADV Woman Communication Steam Page Release -Find a dirty word that is intentionally created during the conversation

An indie game developer, Samurai ETA, who is also known for the development of I and AI’s Satsuma Semi, finds a dirty word that has been inadvertently built in the conversation, high-speed dirty word action adventure Woman Communication ] The Steam page has been released.

This work is the probably the world’s first adventure game where you can find the Inadvertent Dirty Word that is inadvertently completed while you are having a conversation. The player quickly finds a dirty word from the remarks of the hero and his friend who is a high school girl who flows on the screen without stop. It is said that the score is determined by the number, speed, and accuracy of finding the dirty words. In addition, it seems that there will be a mysterious story in which the conversations of the two who have a confusing conversation gradually begin to go crazy in the after-school classroom.

This time, the GAMESpark editorial department asked the developer, Samurai Eta Nero, about the trigger of production.

A. What made you decide to create this game?

Q. One day, when I was eating lunch, I suddenly came up with an idea of a game that found a dirty word that had been inadvertently completed in a conversation, but I think it’s a good idea, but it’s too silly. I was worried that there would be anyone who was really interested in developing the game.
So, first, I created a prototype only for the conversation scene, filmed a play video, and posted it on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube Short, etc., but even though it was an unknown account, it was more than 100 on Twitter, and in TikTok. I was able to achieve over 120,000 views, so I started developing in earnest, thinking, Maybe this game is worth making…!

A. It’s probably the world’s first, but is there any game affected?


Q. First, NOTICE was strongly influenced by the idea stage.
I think that the fun of making a dirty word unintentional is wonderful, and this work is arranged from accident in dice to contingency in conversation.
In addition, while trial and error to make the conversation part more interesting, I was strongly influenced by the Danganronpa game system High Speed Acting Action.

A. If you have anything else, please!

Q. I’m very worried how many people can consider purchasing this work…!
I’m glad if I was a little worried, I would be glad if you could wait for Wish List from the Steam store page! Encourage! We are planning to develop a surprising story, not just a game to find a dirty word, so please look forward to it! !

Woman Communication will be released on Steam on April 1, 2023. The price is scheduled for about 1,000 yen.

Update (2022/11/11 23:15): I added the comments of Mr. Samurai ETA Nero. A link has been added again. Thank you for pointing out in the comments section.

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