Athletic Sea Age Origin, Game Awards 4 Congratulations Event


Line Games (CEO Kim Minsky) said on the 17th, ‘Technology Creation-Planning/Scenario’, ‘Technology Creation/Scenario’, ‘Technology Creation-Planning/Scenario’ He has won four categories in Sound and Game Business Innovation Award.

Line Games will hold a ‘Congratulations Hot Time Event’ to commemorate the ‘Aviation Age Origin’ achieved four crowns. Users access the ‘Origin of the Age of the Sea Era’ between 10 am to 2 pm and midnight twice a day until the 20th, and when they access the ‘Sea Age Origin’, ship parts, ship manufacturing materials, A-class public contracts, and Ducat. You can receive it. In addition, 3000 Blue Gem (in-game goods) will be provided to all users who have access to the game for the same period.

The ‘Age Origin’ is an open world MMORPG jointly developed by motif (CEO Lee Deuk-kyu) and Joe Tech Mo Games and Line Games (CEO Kim Minsky). This game is a work to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the ‘Sea Era’ series. It is based on the ‘Sea Era 2’ and ‘Overhang against the Sea of Sea’ in the series. You can enjoy various contents such as exploration and battle.

In the ‘Sea Age Origin’, the main characters of the original can be selected and played, and the main scenario ‘chronology’ content can experience the story of the world’s world, the reinforced story, the relationship between the characters, and the story of growth and adventure. In addition, there is an OST of Japanese composer Kano Yoko, which is the identity of the ‘Age of Sea’ series, so you can enjoy various famous songs such as ‘Wind Ahead’ and ‘Mast in the Mist’.

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