LOL: Riot will apply emergency patch after early pre beginning

A few hours after the arrival of the 2023 preseason in League of Legends, Riot Games has announced that it will perform a new update to increase the power of champions or items that were worse after the introduction of Patch 12.22.

The emergency setting series includes eight improvements to be added to the game as soon as possible. In addition, in the list of changes announced by the company, is a nerf by which it became the most prominent item of this new video game cycle.

emergency changes in the beginning of season

As usual when the adjustments are announced, the developers have not yet revealed all the topic details published a list that mentions the elements of the game that will change.


The company’s goal seems obvious, at least on the champions. They focused on heroes that are far below average. Nor is it a big one which items will receive buffs, as tank items were much weaker than in previous seasons.

Improvements in champions:

  • Alum, Vern, Kindred, Mackie, Ram mus and Shack

Item updates:

  • Abyssal mask, solar fire aegis, Turbo chemotanque, Rangoon omen and angry hydra, glaciate handle, Shoji spear, Eras baton.

New items:

  • Heart of steel, JAK’who, the fickle, radiant virtue

Removed items:

  • Ice radius handle.

Nerfs of items:

  • Hydra Moral

Perhaps the most surprising adjustment is the reduction of power for the angry Hydra item, which seems to be the most oken item of preseason 2023 in the eyes of Riot Games.

In all, it does not seem that League of Legends developers are wrong. Most champions who can take advantage of this have been able to establish themselves as the best in the upper track.

These are the cases, for example, from Flora and Camille. Both lead the level of levels of patch characters thanks to this item, so it is not surprising that its power is moderately reduced to make it a little less unbalanced.

Those responsible for League of Legends wanted to remember that this is just a first step and that there are still many characters to adjust. The goal is to balance the systems and then focus on individual champions.

This is why the company has only focused on some of the most exaggerated and obvious cases of Patch 12.22, leaving other adjustments that may also be necessary for later.

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