Ed Boon mentions what the next Netherrealm game would be


For a while now the fans of the fighting games have wondered if Nether realm Studios is working something new, since there is a drought of launches by the company. And now, one of the main responsible has given them a message of hope, since they are working on two great sagas.

Through social networks, a fan asked Ed Boon if he could give him some kind of track to indicate what the next game would be on the way, and we could say that the creator was something direct with the answer. As he writes that it would be injustice 3 or Mortal Kombat 12, it has been rumored that the new delivery of violent fighting will come first.

For his part, something that attracts much more attention is that a user mentioned Boon that there were very few characters in the era of the three dimensions, asking if they will relive some forgotten. The answer was that they would be solving this part soon.

There is still no official revelation of the game, so we will have to wait for some time.

Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: Hopefully the next project soon reveals, everything seems to indicate that Mortal Kombat will be the chosen 1. The truth, I would have preferred injustice, since the last installment came a lot ago.

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