Black Friday: helmets, mice and accessories of first brands and with great discounts

Black Friday is already here, although we are not going to fool ourselves: we have been discounted for weeks and hearing about him. But today Friday 25 is the day, in theory, of the great offers in technology. Therefore, in Meditation we have decided to select a series of products within the category of gaming accessories that can be of interest. From Headsets at competitive prices to mice, controls and all kinds of proposals for first brands that you know very well. Take note.

Racer Kiera X for PlayStation-39.99 euros

We start with quality helmets that we analyze at the time and that stand out for their versatility. Focused on PS5 for its design and colors, but adaptable to other platforms through the 3.5 mm connector, stands out for clarity in acute and for having forceful serious. The microphone fulfills its function for the game chat and at this price (43% discount) is very attractive. Buy it here.

K55 RGB PRO XT-59.99 euros

One of the Corsair family keyboard And sensitive, ideal to write but also to play with all guarantees. With removable rests and other extr that facilitate. Buy it here.


Racer Death adder v2-44.99 euros

Possibly Racer’s crown jewel for many years, the design of Death adder V2 h been one of the standards between gaming mice thanks to their ergonomics and response. With a durability of 70 million clicks, little weight of 80 grams and a discount of 44%, we are facing one of those mice that have marked a generation of players and that is synonymous with guarantee of success. Buy it here.

Pack wave DX for stream: microphone, controller and arm-279.99 euros

The investment in this Bundle de Elgato is not small, but the reduction it offers is interesting, and we are facing a powerful pack if you want to make a quality leap in your streams. We analyze at the time the new Wave DX microphone with a very good quality, which fits perfectly with the Wave XLR controller and a microphone arm that adapts to any table and disposition of your setup. We are talking about moving from a pack of almost 390 euros to save more than 109 euros. It’s worth it. Buy it here.


There are many premium controls with higher characteristics and benefits, sure, and we have analyzed many. But in this ce, we wanted to focus on the recon controller of Turtle Beach because it is a device that in quality-price ratio surprised at the time and now with this reduction (it costs 59.99 euros of official price) we see a Very good option: from the response of the sticks to the compact of their design and small advanced functions that are worth it. Buy it here.

Rocket Pack: Vulcan 120, One Pro Black and ELO 7.1-149.99 euros

We end our selection with a very powerful pack of the Rocket brand that due to its characteristics h free shipping. It is a bundle with the Vulcan 120 keyboard (American yes), the One Pro Black mouse and the ELO 7.1 Air Black helmets. Three high quality products, with very good finishes and that stand out in their category (special mention for helmets). The price of everything goes to 339.97 euros, so the reduction is important. Buy it here.

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