Why did Kratos killed the gods? Explained

In recent years, Rates has been portrayed as a much more moderate and reflective character, as seen in God of War and God of War Ragnarök of 2018. It is almost easy to forget that in the first years of the character it was a force of nature ruthless and violent that would cut anyone on their way in the name of revenge. The original God of War trilogy followed Rates in his bloody search for revenge against the gods of Olympus, but what did he put on this path? Here is everything we know about why Rates killed the gods.

Why did Rates killed the gods?

The main motivation of Rates to kill the gods is that Ares cheated him to massacre his family. This largely forms the base of the plot of the original God of War that was launched in 2005.

Rates had previously won the reputation of ruthless and bloodthirsty general of a Spartan band. Eventually, Rates would meet an army contrary to the one he could not defeat. Desperate, Rates turned to the god of war, Ares, in search of a new power. Rates was able to massacre the opposite force without help and became a pawn of Ares.

Despite the atrocious acts that Rates would commit by Ares, he still had a certain appearance of humanity through the love of his wife and son. Anxious to break the last link Rates had with his normal life, Ares plotted a plan. During one of Rates’ uproar in an innocent town, Ares transported his family to a nearby temple. Rates would enter the temple and kill the inhabitants, too consumed for their thirst for blood to recognize that his wife and son were among them. When Rates realized what he had done, he swore to revenge on Ares.

Rates would eventually obtain compensation against Ares and become the new god of war before being betrayed once again by Zeus, who took most of his divine power in God of War 2.

The revelation at the end of God of War 2 is that Rates is, in fact, the son of Zeus, who feared that Rates would betray him in the same way he did with his own father. Upon learning of the truth, Rates would lead the monstrous Titans in an assault on Olympus. Rates would face Poseidon’s resistance and Hercules, causing unprecedented damage to Greece in his mission of killing his father. God of War 3 would see Rates’s soaked search for its end with the death of Zeus.

Rates’ actions in the culmination of the trilogy do not paint it in the best way, but the ghost of Sparta could redeem hope in the world before leaving Blades of Chaos and prepare the stage for the Nordic era of the series.

That is all we know about why Rates killed the gods? Be sure to consult our review of God of War Ragnarök and our extensive guides for the conclusion of the trip of Rates and Women.


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