Charizard Ex 12/108 Pokemon Evolutions Value of the letter

Harvard has always been a fan favorite in the Pokémon franchise and moves far to the Pokémon collectible card game, a Harvard being one of the most popular, rare and faces letters to collect in multiple sets of expansion of Pokémon TCG. Pokémon TCG XY: Evolutions has become one of the most popular expansion games to date due to the replication of the old classic art of the basic game in many of the cards. While at the beginning, the set was not popular, collectors gave the opportunity to collect fresh works of art from the base set package at a fraction of the price of genuine baselines SET.

Since the base value Set Harvard is one of the most expensive collectible letters that exist, it is natural that any Harvard letter in the XY set: Evolutions becomes very collectible and its value triggers. One of these valuable letters of Harvard is Harvard Ex, numbered 12/108 on the set. Here is everything you need to know about the price and value of this card from 2022.

How much is Harvard Ex 12/108? Explained

From 2022, Harvard Ex 12/108 seems to have a value of $40 USD or more. Following the sales history of the card on, PSA 8-9 seems to be on sale for around this price of $40 on average. However, a PSA 10 Harvard ex in perfect condition can be sold from approximately $80 USD to $225 USD.


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That is all you need to know about the value of Pokémon’s letter XY Evolutions Harvard 12/108. To get more Pokémon TCG content, see the rest of our songs here at DLPRIVATOSERVER. We have all kinds of information for your collection needs, such as the best cards to get Sword and Shield: Brilliant Stars, all listed Pokémon sets and how to sell Pokémon Cards as a collector.

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