Will EA Sports FC have real teams?


EA Sports FC is the brand-new spin-off title from EA Sports following their split from FIFA.

That being stated, there remains some confusion around the groups that will feature in EA Sports, and we have actually got you covered for all the responses.

Right now, we know extremely little about this brand-new game, aside from a current leakage that has actually supplied a release date time frame and a few of the video game modes that will include.

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Will EA Sports FC have real teams?

EA Sports boast a remarkable license portfolio, and they will bend this in EA Sports FC.

Whether they were leading of the pile or in the lower ebbs, many sides showed unity with EA following the FIFA split, indicating that the designers hold the power progressing.

On top of the sides that have featured in FIFA for many years, brand-new licenses are expected to be included, with a growth of women’s sides practically particular to show up when AFC lands in 2023.

That indicates that EA Sports FC will feature all the certified leagues and teams that feature in FIFA 23, with more possibly en route.

The simple answer is yes, with every team that has actually signed an offer to feature in the FIFA series technically signing with EA Sports, instead of FIFA themselves.

So fear not, you will still be able to use all of your favorite groups when EA Sports FC lands in 2023.

EA Sports FC Leaks

Ultimate Group and Pro Clubs stay, with the video game looking extremely similar to FIFA 23.

According to @UTSources on Twitter, an online Career Mode will feature for the really very first time, answering the prayers of the neighborhood.

Our very first leakages for EA Sports FC have shown up, exposing the release window and highlights that will appear in the game.

Click here to check out the complete breakdown of what we understand so far.

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