How to get an essence in the game Marvels Midnight Suns

In the game Midnight Suns from Marvel, the hunter and your team from the midnight suns, the Avengers and the X-Men will unite to defeat Lilith and Hydra. Your superhero squad will need all available resources to resist this new threat. Marvel Midnight Suns contains several resources used to improve your team, and the essence is not confused with loans, is used to improve your abilities. Here’s how to get an essence at Midnight Suns from Marvel.

How to get an essence in the game Marvels Midnight Suns?

Attack, Heroic and Skill Essence are the same. Essence is crucial for improving your abilities and applying the properties of map abilities. The best ways to get the essence:

  • General missions at the mirror table. Check the received awards.
  • Around the territory of the abbey. Pay attention to luminous balls.
  • Violet spheres give the essence of the attack.
  • Orange spheres give a heroic essence.
  • Green spheres give the essence of skills.
  • The disposal of undesirable abilities of the corresponding type of essence, for example, the disposal of heroic ability with pure heroic essence.


  • Study of artifacts in the forge.

Для чего используется эссенция в Midnight Suns от Marvel?

Unlike other resources, Essence has three options, all with similar goals. They need to improve and modify their certain types of abilities. Each type of essence is used for:

  • The essence of the attack: modernization, modification and creation of attacking abilities.
  • Heroic essence: improvement, change and creation of heroic abilities.
  • The essence of the skill: modernization, modification and creation of skill abilities.

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