Celebrities Sue For Uploading The Value Of Their NFT


As already known, the new NFT market has not finished convincing the public and also certain entrepreneurs, that has led to these tokens to lower their value quite quickly.
However, personalities of the world believe otherwise, and therefore, they have been sued for trying to get economic benefit by using invented values.
Adonis Real and Adam Pitcher were the plaintiffs of this case, with a formal complaint they presented to the California district court.
Where it is noted that several famous people associated with the Boiled Ape’s parent company, this to advertise NFT after receiving payments in secret.
Case that is not the first of this nature with personalities.
It is pointed out that billions of dollars were generated in sales and recalls of the products, some of them at somewhat exaggerated prices after having decreased the value of them officially.
This belief of fraud began to spread after Paris Hilton went to a Jimmy Fallon program to compare NFT art.
Among the most popular names of demand are: Serena Williams, Kevin Hart, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stephen Curry and Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon themselves.
The plaintiffs seek compensation of five million dollars, as compensation for those affected, and before this, the parent company seeks to defend the value of the tokens.
Via: Tech spot
Editor’s note: The NFT market should disappear, after all the interest in them is already very little.
Although if it happens, some people will be in financial complications.

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