What are these Pokemon stakes?

At some point on your trip, you may have noticed a color stake that stands out from the ground in scarlet and purple Pokémon.
These stakes are known as Ominous Black Stakes, and there are four colored versions, eight from each color, which leads to a total of 32 hidden throughout the Pal dean region.


That is a lot for a player to find it on his own, and some of these are quite difficult to find without a guide.
So today, let’s talk where to find all the Ominous Black Stakes in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon all the ominous black stakes

As mentioned above, there are a total of 32 Ominous Black Stakes distributed throughout the Pal dean region, with four separate colors.
Fortunately, each color can be found on a specific side of the map.
For example, yellow stakes can be found along the lower west side of the region, and most of them are in the same general location.
Among all the stakes, the purple stakes are the easiest to find, since each of them is very close to each other on the lower side of the region.

What happens when you all collect them?

Unfortunately, nothing happens when you collect all the Ominous Black Stakes.
However, when you collect the eight of an individual color, such as Yellow Stakes, for example, a hidden door will open on the map, and you can find a legendary Pokémon.
There are four hidden legendary Pokémon for players to find them to collect eight stakes of the same color.

After catching them all, unfortunately, nothing else happens, which ends the secondary mission ominous stakes.
That is all you need to know about where to find all the Ominous Stakes in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.
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