GOG Gives Away Free Steam Game: Ghost of a Tale

GOG is already distributing Christmas presents! PC players can secure the stealth adventure Ghost of a Tale for free in the Steam alternative online shop.

Gog is already distributing Christmas presents!
PC players can protect the stealth experience Ghost of a Tale for totally free in the Steam alternative online shop.
You have to rush up, because the project just runs for a short time.
We have all info for you.


The Christmas bells are currently calling at GOG
In Between December 12th and January 1st, the Winter Sale online store runs in the DRM-free online store, where there are over 4,500 offers and waving discounts of as much as 90 percent.
For the winter sale at GOG.
That’s not all!
Gog is presently offering away one of his games till December 15th at 3:00 p.m.-Ghost of a Tale.
In the stealth adventure, the little mouse Till assists her to beat through an unsafe medieval world in which it is bursting with enemies.


Since you are anything but campaign test, you need to try Till to avoid most of the challengers unnoticed or put them out of action for a brief time.
The game likewise counts on some RPG aspects.
You can make outfits in the course of the video game that increase your character values or camouflage yourself in front of your challengers.
In addition, the video game world can be freely checked out and also has some tricks for explorers.
You can look at the very first video game scenes in the trailer at the top.

Ghost of a Tale dust off at GOG for free

players love ghost of a tale

A take a look at the Steam evaluations and Metacritic programs that Ghost of a Tale appears to be a real category secret tip.
92 percent of all steam players provide a favorable rating, the user score on Metacritic is 8.3 out of 10 possible points (sources: Steam/ Metacritic).
The majority of gamers are completely bewitched by the story, art style and the World Building.
However, a typical criticism of the fans is that the stealth passages are too easy in numerous locations.
The electronic camera likewise seems to be not efficiently positioned from time to time and many players saw that numerous backtracking was negative.
Apart from that, a lot of gamers are totally blown away by Ghost of a Tale.
And with a playing time of about 10-15 hours, the stealth adventure might potentially be simply the important things for the time between the years.

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