FC Bayern Munich vs. VfL Bochum: A Clash of Titans – Spectacle Guaranteed!

The Munich and the Consumers fulfilled three times given that the Purport Club went back to the Bundesliga in 2021.
And each of these duels ended up being steeped in history.
Bayern each won two of them 7-0, and the 2 highest defeats of the Bochum Bundesliga history were.
When, in the first half of 2021/22, in the Allianz Arena, a second time, on match day 3, in the current season in Bochum.
That Sunday it was 7-0 after 76 minutes, a double-digit win was in the air before the Bavarians had a mercy.

evil awakening for FC Bayern

However, they have likewise had negative experiences at VFL, in the previous second half of the season with 2: 4.


Just as soon as in the current 85 Bundesliga games, Bavaria yielded at least 4 objectives in this 2: 4 in Bochum on match day 22 2021/22.
Can VFL have the ability to create a surprise once again this Saturday?
The data speaks against it.

Of his 35 visitor efficiencies at Bayern, Bochum won only one thing: 2-0 on match day 6 1991/92.
Otherwise, Bochum picked up 26 defeats and 8 draws in Munich.
Especially because the prerequisites this time are functions.
While the VFL is an English week with the 1-2 in the cup versus Dortmund in the muscles, Bavaria were able to rest and prepare focused with no other normal additional load.
Ryan Gravenberch did not train with the team even on Thursday after a knee bruise, and his efforts are on the edge.

Legendary: 5: 6 after 4-0 lead

The 2 teams provided rough video games not only in the recent past: On match day 6 1976/77, they fought among the most famous video games in Bundesliga history: Bochum currently led 4: 0 and still lost 5: 6.
It was the only time that a team left the square as a loser despite a four-goal.
What a spectacle!
Also, on this Saturday?

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