Get Free Avatars for St. Valentines Day 2023 at Nikeland – Roblox

Love is in the air, Rowlock!
Nike land helps you celebrate Valentine’s Day by adding two free UGC accessories: Nike Swoon Hat and Nike Flutter Wings.
However, unlike previous events, the players should choose one of these two accessories in order to earn money-both, unfortunately, are impossible.
Continue to read below to find out how to get any of them.

How to get free items for Avatar for Valentine’s Day of 2023 at Nike land

Fortunately, both items of the Nike land avatar for the day of St. Valentine of 2023 can be obtained in the same way-to find ten lonely plush bears scattered on the map and encourage them.
Every time you find one of these plush bears, stand next to them and click the question to interact with them.
This will change the color of their fur from blue to pink, indicating that they were changed from sadness for filled with love!
In total, about 30 plush bears are hidden on the map, so finding 10 of them should not be too difficult.

However, if you have problems, do not hesitate to view the images below and follow our collection path.
To the right of the entrance with obstacles
On the field for pushing the nucleus, next to the basketball court
Behind the basketball court
In a small field with yoga mats
Under a tree in a field immediately behind the previous bear
On the pier in front of the previous bear
In the snow in front of a ski slide
Under a tree next to a large crushing course
At the top of a large arch of climbing
On the grass next to the basketball arena and the lobby
As soon as you collect your tenth teddy bear, a pop-up window should appear below-it’s time to choose one UGC product that you want!
By pressing the desired image and confirming its choice, the subject will be added to your Roblox inventory.


That’s all!
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