Pacific Drive Gameplay Trailer: Ironwood Studios First-Person Survival Thriller Hits PlayStation 5 & PC

The responsible designers of the Ironwood Studios have actually launched a very first gameplay trailer for their upcoming first-person survival video game Pacific Drive, which will be launched in the course of this year for PlayStation 5 and the PC (via Steam/Epic Games Shop).

this is my vehicle.

There are lots of others, but…
Pacific Drive will not be a typical survival game.
Since life within the wall is exceptionally dangerous, you will need to rely on a robust station wagon as quickly as you venture from an old vehicle workshop.


You should constantly refuel prior to you enter into the zone.
Then you can explore overgrown landscapes and long-abandoned centers, search for resources and do whatever to keep your car in great condition.
Gradually you can fix and upgrade the car.
What makes survival tough in this case?
There will be a wide range of unusual anomalies that desired you to the leather.
Harmful towers, substantial flashes and underground metal blocks can quickly put you with problems.
When gathering stocks, you shouldn’t move too far from the cars and truck, as it can quickly vanish with an anomaly.
The PlayStation Blog site also states: When checking out the zone, every expedition will keep you leading you behind the walls.
Your trips will lead through tough surface.
Other nightmarish anomalies await you in every location.
However, if you don’t attempt, you don’t win: Certain resources can only be found in hazardous location..
On the topic: Pacific Drive-Driving Survival Adventure with trailers and very first details announced.
Get an impression of Pacific Drive with the gameplay trailer.
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