Star Wars: The Final Fight Between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker – The Epic Battle to End the Saga

When Star Wars: Episode 3-The Vengeance of the Sith came to the movie theaters in 2005, disillusionment had long because spread out under hard-boiled fans.
The very first two parts of the Prequel trilogy received a really blended feedback on the part of the neighborhood.
The attempt by George Lucas to miss the star legend for the centuries remained in big parts of the audience.
The dark hazard and attack by the clone warriors seemed too unimaginative, too crammed with an undisturbed CGI and cut too much on kitsch.
With the revenge of the Sith, George Lucas still managed a conciliatory conclusion.
This was primarily due to the last battle in between Obi-Wan and Anakin, from which Darth Vader, among the most popular bad guys in pop culture, emerged.

The last struggle in Episode 3 should have ended extremely in a different way

The body of the dark lord of the Sith is rather battered under the mask and fit.
To blame for the fact that there is little left of the original Anakin Skywalker, his former teacher, who in the obviously final argument on the Vulcan world Mustafa, has both legs and an arm of his previous Taiwan.

Actually things should go a little differently.
Nick Gillard, Stunt coordinator of the Prequel trilogy, unveiled the initially planned end of the fight in an interview.
So Anakin Skywalker must keep his former instructor in the strangle location after he was slipped by his lightsaber.

Completion of Anakin Skywalker-Alles just an accident?

I am sorry that it has to end, Master would have been Anakin’s last words to Obi-Wan.
The Jedi master would then have beat the grip of his previous student and contacted his lightsaber with the assistance of power.
Anakin would have been accidentally severed different limbs.
According to Stunt organizer Nick Gillard, the end of George Lucas originally prepared was stated to have been really meaningful.


The creator of the Star Wars series decided to cancel this accident and chose an end in which Obi-Wan attempted to knowingly damage his previous student.
Eventually, the seriously hurt anakin Skywalker was saved by Darth Serious at the last minute and after that ended up being a dark Sith-Lord Darth Vader.
Source: SFF Gazette
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