Unlock All Trophies & Successes with Our Deliver US Mars Tips & Strategies.

Deliver US Mars by Broke Interactive, the successor to the SCI-FI thrillers Provide United States The Moon, is lastly available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS5 and PS4.
In addition to a bigger scale and more to be looked into, it uses movement recording and ray tracing shadows and reflections on the present generation platforms.
You can read our rating here for more information.
It is not a long experience-ending the story and gathering whatever should take less than 10 hours.
Nonetheless, you can overlook a lot if you don’t know where to search.

How to unlock all trophies/successes

Here are all trophies/successes in Provide US Mars and how to open them.

write it down much better

Scan your first object of interest.

Just look

Opened after you have actually taken a look at your first hologram.

the start of a gorgeous collection

You discovered your very first comic book

Reading is basic

Turned off after checking out the very first astronaut.


Readily available after scanning all intriguing things.
Look at our guide to All sights and your areas here.


Taken a look at all holograms.
Look at our guide to All holograms and your places here.


Collect all comics.
See our guidelines for All Comics and your locations here.


Read all astronauts.
You can find information about your locations here in our guide All Astronauts and your locations.

together the story

Switched off after finishing your very first story profile.
When all collector’s pieces have been found, Story profiles are unlocked.

how the story unfolds…

Turned off after completing 4-story profiles.


curiosity did not kill the Kat

Is opened after all 8 story profiles.
The locations of all antiques can be discovered in the following video:

their batteries were weak, and it got dark

Received after all NASA rovers were discovered on Mars.
Look at our guide to All NASA rovers and your locations here.
Opened the story is played through, ## House is…
Is unlocked.

Who is waiting on five minutes, seriously?

Unlocked in Chapter 1. After fixing the bowl, speak with Ryan, who will tell you that you should enter the truck.
Wait up until he gets in and then stand still for five minutes (or a little longer) to unlock this trophy/success.

moon bear

Turned off by beginning Zephyr-3 in the story.

excellent score for activities outside the vehicle

This achievement/trophy is offered in Chapter 2 and is activated by restoring it within 3 minutes and 35 seconds after getting rid of the engine.
When you leave the ship, go straight to the jet rudder and very first disrupt the power supply.
Next, cut the panels on the booster to get access to the yellow bits-cut them next.
Be careful of the yellow striped canisters-if you drop them, you will be harmed and come back.
They are shaken off after the engine has been switched off, so quickly return to the air lock and seal them.

get the shoot out

Is activated by playing the story.

do you desire to go into space?

Is triggered by playing the story.

In the abyss

As part of the story, you take control of the ARK Labor and show up on Mars.
The success/trophy is opened soon afterwards.

Bats constantly land on her feet

Is opened in Chapter 4 by reaching the elevator in Herschel within 2 minutes or less after the quarry has been measured.
After Kat maintained oxygen and reached the cliff, she absorbs the elevator and the landscape is highlighted.
You need to sprint and in some cases leap in between cliffs.
After climbing and struck on the floor, they sprint to the elevator to open it.

a good location to live

Is unlocked in history after getting a rover and finding out more about Kat’s daddy.

The group

Changed into chapter 5, you can reach the prison cell location and go to the next flooring.
Solve the puzzle and get 2 splinters.
Location one in the last cell near the stairs and align them on the control box above it.
Bring the 2nd to the office and cut the locks on the floor.
Submit the second splitter to the very first and the cell should be opened.
Go to the cell, jump over the rubble and return.
Chat through the hole, and you will discover an image in the nearby cell to earn the success/ trophy.

the dream for these individuals

Is activated by playing history when Kat discovers a crucial innovation in Ark Habitat and learns more about Objective Opera.

quickly like a cat

Is opened in Chapter 6 by getting in and crossing the level Ovum in three minutes and 15 seconds.
After you have ignored the base, sprint through the hole in the railing to the right and climb the wall.
Sprint through the method to the left, and you will see a tower.
Cross the rock at the foot of this tower and reverse till a space appears-jump from there and go to foot.
Climb the base after a number of other gaps and go to the air lock.
Trigger it as soon as you are there to earn the success/trophy.

not the bunnies, not the bees

It is activated by playing history when details about ODMs and Kat’s dad appear.

fulfilled as ace Ayla

When switched in Chapter 7, you first reach the door obstructed by debris and crouch to get through.

If Kat thinks of a noise, press Y to control the android and fly to the end.
There will be another droid and the success/trophy is being worthy of.

Like animals

Is activated by playing the story.

desperate times

Is triggered by playing through the story.


When Kat follows her father through the dome, is unlocked in Chapter 9.
Go to the left where the speaker is situated when you see the bee farm on the right.
Stand under the speaker to make this.

Cat-like reflexes

Is opened in Chapter 9 and includes strolling through the Tesla chambers without being harmed.
The room can be switched off electrically, and you need to climb through without bias.
Details on how to accomplish this can be found in the following video.

Requires and wishes

After you have actually found the Unison settlement, combated Kat’s daddy and received the Ark Vita, this trophy/success is triggered.

delivered to us Mars

Is opened after the game was finished.

endurance pays off

Gather all prizes.

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