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What games offer complimentary upgrades from PSVR to PSVR2?
There is no PSVR downhill compatibility for PSVR2, but some developers decide to release their video games for Sony’s next-gen headset again or-in some cases-to remasters.
This implies that these titles not just look better and run better, but will likewise have the ability to use crucial brand-new hardware functions, such as Z PSVR2-Sense controllers.


As part of our PSVR2 guidelines, we all PSVR video games with complimentary PSVR2 upgrades

PSVR for PSVR2: All games with complimentary upgrades.

Listed below you will find a complete list of all video games with totally free upgrades from PSVR to PSVR2.
It does not matter whether you have these titles digitally or on a physical Blu-ray disc, since you can all be upgraded totally free of charge to Sony’s next gene headset.

  • After autumn PS5
  • Cavern graves 2: Dig Harder PS5
  • D-Day-upright PS5
  • Demo-PS5
  • Hello neighbor: Conserve and search PS5
  • Job simulator PS5
  • No Men Sky PS5
  • Handgun whip PS5
  • Enigmatic locations PS5
  • RC airplane difficulty PS5
  • Tune in the Smoke: New PS5 sparked
  • Starter PS5
  • Suicide Man VR Deluxe PS5
  • Synth Riders PS5
  • The light brigade PS5
  • The story of Novgorod PS5
  • The Strolling Dead: Saints & Sinners-Tourist edition PS5
  • Holiday simulator PS5
  • Wind lands 2 PS5
  • Zenith: The last city of PS5
    For more information, see our PSVR2 guide.
    For which PSVR video games do you expect totally free upgrades on PSVR2?
    Post your list in the remarks below.

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