| No Violence Sci-Fi Playback Game: Deliver US Mars – 10 Years After the Original


In contrast to much sci-fi playback video games, Deliver US Mars does not include any violence.
The game plays 10 years after the initial title Deliver United States The Moon and continues the history of humanity in the middle of a bleak and drained pipes earth.
The goal of the game is to recover the stolen nests.
In view of its fair rate, Provide United States Mars offers a good level of content.

The video game is explored so that you need to fly, swim, drive, hike and drive around the red world to fulfill your mission.

List of all chapters in Deliver United States Mars

Here is a list of all chapters in Deliver US Mars:
Chapter 1: Moon bear
Chapter 2: Do you desire to go to space?
Chapter 3: On the void
Chapter 4: A great location to live
Chapter 5: The dream for these people
Chapter 6: Not the bunnies, not the bees
Chapter 7: Like animals
Chapter 8: Desperate times
Chapter 9:… where the heart is

The length of time does it take to complete every chapter in Provide United States Mars?

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