FIFA 23, DCE Fut Solution Sead Kolasinac

Discover the solution for DCE Head Kolasinac, an imaginative difficulty to do in FIFA 23 setting. This DCE intends to win the Head Kolasinac show card by finishing it.
Note that this difficulty begins on Saturday, February 25 at 7 p.m. and also lasts 1 day, upright Sunday, February 26 at 4 p.m.
By completing this challenge, you will get the program card of Head Kolasinac.

Should we do this DCE?

The DCE Head Kolasinac is a difficulty making up a solitary team, about Showdown in the setting was FIFA 23. In view of the rate of the cards and the requested standards, we suggest that we finish it if you have a Ligue 1. Training in
Impact, links with LOW will certainly be necessary (Daily, Payer, Claus’s or Guendouzi) for a card that will certainly be mostly utilized in DC.
It must be claimed about 80 DEPENDENCE and also 70 agility, it will surely be challenging to actually position it in DG.
As a suggestion, the program cards can evolve, +2 in the occasion of LOW victory against PSG.
Suggestion: yes yet in a Ligue 1 club
Probable credit score gain?
Complete expense of the DCE: around 79K

Head Kolasinac, the standards

  • Ligue 1 players: minimum 1
  • Players of the week: minimum 1
  • Total note REQUIRE: 85
  • Award: Head Kolasinac’s show card
  • End of the difficulty: Sunday, February 26 at 4 p.m.
  • Cost: 79K
    Our example of a service for DCE Head Kolasinac was generated with the developer of Fut bin (in English).

Our solutions are instances of training allowing you to make these Does at the cheapest rate as possible without having the cards.


It is certainly possible to make these obstacles with various other cards.
Be mindful since the total price of these solutions can evolve (down and upwards) over time.
You can find the full list of the various DCE Live for the FIFA 23 mode on our checklist of energetic group development challenges.
Furthermore, discover all our guides along with all the actuality of the video game on our FIFA 23 portal.

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