mPlay Chess Ultra for Free on the Epic Games Store this Week

Who says new week, says new free games on Epic Game Store from 5:00 p.m.
From March 23 to 30, it is Chess Ultra which arrives for free on legacy.
Review the bases before confronting much more tough opponents.
A classic of the set of tray and strategy, but in a digital version more beautiful than ever.
Chess Ultra is no more and no less than a waste game that allows you to measure yourself both in AI and other players.
Also, available in VR for the most daring who would like to climb realistic sensations, the game also offers to review the bases to allow everyone to sinew to chess without being afraid of losing.
It is a total of 80 problems that are available to detect the strings of the game. This learning can then be used to measure an AI with 10 degrees of difficulties, before sat taking on online matches to confront other strategists.
It is also possible to relive historical parts and to change the course by deciding which part move.
The reign of Magnus Carlson could saree at any time.

Characteristics of Chess Ultra

How to download the free game?

To download the game, nothing could be simpler!
Just go to the Launcher Epic Games (downloadable right here), then to the Boutique page to see free games this week.
Then choose the game you want, and click the Get button to order.


You just have to go to the game library left, and select the game obtained to unite!
You can also claim your game directly from the site by connecting to your account.

However, you will not be able to read and download it without the Launcher Epic Games.
1. Download the Launcher Epic Games
2. Go to the free game page in the store
3. Click on get
4. Go to the Launcher Epic Games game library
5. Install the game
If you want to know the future games that will be present in the free store of Epic Games Store, do not hesitate to go back regularly on Apatosaurus to discover them.

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