Find out why the Pixar executive believes it failed, and whether it was our fault.

One of the biggest failures in the cinema for 2022 was Light year.
Although the idea of making a film within the universe of Toy Story, which was the inspiration of Andy’s toy, sounded like something interesting, it seems that the concept was too much for the public, something that a senior Pixar executive points out as the main
Reason for the bad performance of the tape at the box office.
With a budget of $200 million, Light year could only raise $218 million, being considered a total failure for the public and Disney.
Now, Pete Doctor, CCO de Pixar, was interviewed by The Wrap, where he revealed that the concept of the film was too much for the public.
This was what he commented:

We have done a great examination of awareness about that because we all love the film.
We love the characters and the premise.


I think that probably in terms of what went wrong, we ask the audience too much.
When they listen to Buzz, they say: Great, where are the lord face of Pope, Woody and Rex?
And then we put them in this science fiction movie in which they say: What?

Even if they read the material in the press, it was a bit too distant, both in concept and in the way the characters were drawn, which were represented.
It was much more science fiction.
And Angus (Mac lane, director), for his credit, took it very seriously and genuinely and wanted to represent those characters as real characters.
But Toy Story’s characters are much broader, so I think there was a disconnection between what people wanted/expected and what we were giving them.
Along with this, we must not forget the controversies he faced at the time, to the degree that some cinemas warned of a kiss between two women, something that happens by a fraction.
On related issues, Toy Story director is not happy with Light year.

Editor’s note:
The concept is not so difficult to understand.
Light year is a film about a fictional character, that’s all.
However, the relationship we have with Toy Story complicated the situation for many, so seeing this character outside Andy’s room was a short circuit.

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